WELCOME to 25 to Lyf - The African Hip Hop Blog!


The aim of the blog is to showcase the talents of African hip hop artists from all over the world.

Our goal is to create a community where artists, producer and fans can connect and discuss the latest content and trends coming from across the continent and diaspora.

You will find news, information, exclusive music, video, free downloads, events, and everything else relating to African hip hop.


25 to Lyf is a group of african individuals who share a passion for hip hop. As a group, we strive to be the best at everything that we do, and our natural competitiveness inspires each of us to constantly step up our game.

Our team consists of artists, producers, DJ's and designers from Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa & Mozambique - including SubZero (Producer/MC), DJ PeeWee (Producer/DJ) and Snypa Kidd (MC).


The blog is simply a place for us to express our opinions. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so what we decide to post depends on the individual author.

If we don't like it, we won't post it. If you don't agree with our views, that's ok too - let us know in the comments!

If you have some news or media that you think we should know about, please get in touch - you can find our contact info on the 'Contact' page.

Also check out our 'Downloads' page where you will find links to download FREE African hip hop mixtapes.