October 23, 2010

Show Dem Camp - Send It My Way ft Poe (Kid Konnect Remix) [VIDEO]

Kid Konnect does a fantastic job remixing this joint from Show Dem Camp off their upcoming 'Clone Wars' mixtape.

HEADS UP: We showcased the original video for 'Send It My Way' on 25tolyf.com a few months ago, watch it here.

eLDee - Respect Me [VIDEO]

eLDee shows us why he is the don. Brilliant song & video to match.

African hip hop lives strong, and you can find the best of it right here on www.25tolyf.com - Tell a friend!

October 22, 2010

M.anifest - Coming to America [VIDEO]

M.anifest drops some lovely visuals for 'Coming to America' a track off his upcoming Spring 2011 release - 'Coming to America: Immigrant Chronicles'.

Great song, definately something those of us in the diaspora can relate to:

D'Crow - This is Hip Hop ft. Teeto Ceemos, Big T & EX-O

D'Crow - This is Hip Hop ft. Teeto Ceemos, Big T & EX-O

D'Crow calls on some friends to drop some flows on a classic DJ Premier beat - I have to admit, they kinda killed it. This is hip hop.

Taken from his upcoming 'The Uncaged Mixtape'.

October 21, 2010

Ben Sharpa - Check The Evidence [VIDEO]

Pioneer Unit just provided us with some powerful visuals to match the powerful message in 'Check The Evidence' from Ben Sharpa's debut solo album, B.Sharpa.

Dplanet is one of the most under-rated producers around if you ask me, his beats are always HUGE! You can't help but nod your head, and B.Sharpa compliments the backdrop beautifully with some socially-conscious, thought-provoking lyrics. Pay attention!

Check how they roll @PioneerUnit

October 19, 2010

BET Cypher 2010 - Ghana Edition

Dunno how I missed this at first, but I found it now! Ghana MCs doing their thing for the BET 2010 Hiphop Awards. Sarkodie, D-Black, Kwaku-T, Ayigbe Edem, Baby G, Tinny, & Reggie Rockstone.

BONUS: While we at it I figured I should include some more dopeness from Ghana that I stumbled on after watching the video above. Check out Mocypher a group of African artists from Chigaco including Reezon, Moe SBW, BlackUp, Young Vim, Titi Lo'Kei & Emil

Mocypher - African Allstars (Chicago)

October 10, 2010

Modenine & Alias - Pay At-10-Shun

No need for a long write-up or introduction for this project. You already know what it is. 10.10.10.

Just click DOWNLOAD already!!

As a BONUS you can watch the video for "Lose You" below which was the first single off the mixtape.

props NotJustOk

Tehn Diamond - The Student of the Game: Boys Will Be Boys

And so it begins..

The first project to drop on 10.10.10 is from a Zimbabwean artist by the name of Tehn Diamond who you should all know by now, and if not let this be your introduction. This mixtape is the follow up to his acclaimed first mixtape The Student of the Game: Higher Learning

Tehn Diamond - The Student of the Game: Boys Will Be Boys

I'll let Tehn explain it in his own words:
So “The Student Of The Game: Boys Will Be Boys” is an expression of the less pensive side of me, the fun-loving life of the party side to me. I never want to be boxed in as being any one type of artist, #SOTG1 gave the impression that I’m just deep and emotional, well I’m also shallow and flawed. I feel its important to give a full and clear representation of myself in this art, its what makes music timeless in my eyes. So on this project, fans of Tehn DIamond can expect a happier more care-free Tehn Diamond. We’re gonna have fun, we’re gonna try and forget that we struggling to realise our dreams and live in the moment. But then #SOTG3 is gonna be our reality cheque…the same one I received once I returned from Singapore, but thats another story for another day. 

October 8, 2010

Metaphysics - Let Me ft. Tizzle [VIDEO]

New video from one of the pioneers of Zimbabwean (and African) hip hop, Metaphysics. This one is for the ladies...

previously on 25toLyf.com - Metaphysics has a party

October 5, 2010

Thugga - Give Me A Sign ft DJ Peewee

This has got to be the best track off the Thugga October 28 EP that we posted a few days ago. Not only did DJ Peewee produce this beat, he makes a brilliant guest appearance singing the hook! We already knew he was a talented DJ and producer, but we didn't know he could sing too!!

Anyway make sure you listen, this is a great track and Thugga killed it too:

October 4, 2010

HHP ft Naeto C & Ameen - Boogie Down [VIDEO]

Nice visuals here from HHP with the Naija connect Naeto C adding a verse and Ameen singing the hook. This is definately one for the radio:

October 3, 2010

Thugga - October 28 EP

Thugga, a member of the Zone Fam, just dropped a brand new EP and its CRAZY!!!

The backdrop is provided mostly by 25 to Lyf's DJ Peewee on the boards (he produced 5 of the tracks on the EP) but Thugga is certainly the centre of attention here and he quickly grabs your attention with some well constructed lines and clever punchlines.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this EP as I have not heard much of Thugga's solo work before, but I was impressed by this project. One thing is for sure, he got bars for days!!

I could have done without the annoying intro, but once you get past that its nothing but heat.

October 1, 2010

Jnr Brown & MC Chita - The Voice [TEASER]

BIG tune from the boys back home in Zimbabwe!!! I'm loving this - dope verses and catchy hook. I'm definately looking forward to the full video.

The album 'Kings Rendezvous', which I believe is a collaboration album between Jnr Brown & MC Chita, drops December 1st - and if this is anything to go by, its going to be a BANGER!

MediaRight have been putting out some dope tracks recently. Respect.