July 30, 2010

Modenine Freestyle - Welcome to the Factory

Evidence as to why ModeNine is regarded one of the best in Africa:

"I love Biggie but I don't rock Gucci Mane,
I burn your wack shit now you Wocka Flocka Flame"

Beazy – Bad Guy (Remix) Ft. Illbliss & Terry Da Rapman

Some dope Nigerian hip hop!

I love the beat on this joint! Got that classic dark feel to it, kinda like a mobb deep sound...and all the artists came correct. The chorus complements the beat perfectly too - yup, this is a BANGER!!

UPDATE: I added the VIDEO for the original version of this song below, keep reading to check it out.

Send it my way..

Nice visuals from SDC (Show Dem Camp) ft Poe, off their upcoming Clone Wars mixtape.

"You making money over there, send it my way!"

Mariachi playlisted on GoodFella Radio!!

This is great - one of Zimbabwe's upcoming talents got his track playlisted on GoodFella Radio's Top 5 audio for the week! Mariachi alongside the likes of Usher, Drake and Rick Ross!!

Mariachi - 'The Startin n End' ft. FTR

He has drawn obvious comparisons to Jay-Z with his voice and style, so head over to Mariachi's facebook page to see exactly what he has to say about that!

You might also remember Mariachi from his track 'Be Alright' which we featured on our 25 to Lyf Mixtape vol.1 (one of my personal favourites from the mixtape). Hit the jump to see the music video for his track 'Heart's Farewell/Be Alright'.

July 27, 2010

ProVerb ft Brian Temba - Inspiration

Nice new tune from ProVerb. I hadn't heard of Brian Temba before this, but I walked away very impressed. Real soulful! Seen @ Proverb's Place

<a href="http://proverb1.bandcamp.com/track/proverb-ft-brian-temba-inspiration-2">ProVerb ft Brian Temba - Inspiration by ProVerb</a>

July 19, 2010

Galaxy High - Power to the people

Saw this over @NomadicWax (click to read the full interview).

Its a good interview and worth a read - from the interview:
A self-styled “multilingual ambassador,” Galaxy High is a Swedish-born Gambian Londoner, by the end of his teenage decade already a veteran of the BMG Scandinavia roster, courtesy of his Hundreadz collective – in his words, “pointed out as the Scandinavian Boot Camp Clik.” 
 Check out his song 'Power to the people' below:

<a href="http://galaxyhigh.bandcamp.com/track/power-to-the-people">Power to the people by Galaxy High</a>