December 1, 2010

F.U.1.2 (Coz We Want To) - Reason, Hyphen, Mothipa, AKA & Ill Skillz

I'll let J.Flexx (Ill Skillz) tell it in his own words:
Produced by pH the track features Reason, Mothipa, Hyphen,Ill Skillz and AKA. It's an unlikely combination of rappers from South Africa, a posse cut that breaks the commercial/underground barrier and sits firmly on the foundation this culture built on. Love Hip Hop!
  Coz We Want To (MASTER) by J.Flexx

Crazy joint!! We liked it so much we decided to post it, Coz We Want To! Plus its always nice to see African artists coming together and creating good music.

Love African Hip Hop? Love

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