October 7, 2008

Tek Neek - Mental State (produced by 25toLyf)

Check out the video below from our affiliate Tek Neek of Blaklizt Entertainment.

The track is called 'Mental State' and it was featured on the 25toLyf Mixtape vol.1!!

You can find more on Tek Neek at his myspace page here


  1. What up yo. My name is Godwin Mungwadzi a.k.a G.O.D and I m really feeling your mixtape and shit. See I was fuckin with Tek Neek a lot when He was here at Africa Uni and I produced a few tracks for him. We had plans and shit but time was never on our side. I do web designing shit too. My site is http://greedysouth.blogspot.com Holla at me for anything man. I can pimp your blog and shit. I can even change that shit to for example www.25tolyf.com yeah its that real. greedysouth@live.com Get it how we livin'

  2. nice vid..he got skills